Where does the food come from?

Side by Side procures food from many sources.  Most food banks share the same resources. The food comes off the shelf or directly from manufacturers. Some of it is purchased in bulk from local retailers or donated from the community. Food sponsors include Girl Scouts, Aldi, Family Dollar and many more.


What is the food like?

It's food that you and I eat every day. All food distributed from Side by Side is done so in keeping with USDA guidelines. 


What kind of food will I receive?

Side by Side provides dry goods.  You will not need to refrigerate or freeze food.  Our scheduled monthly, quarterly, and annual events usually include fresh fruits and vegetables. 


How much food will I get?

Our emergency packages and food affiliate panties give enough to feed a family of four over a 4-day period. 


Where can I pick up my food?

Click on Find a Pantry or contact 844-354-FOOD. You will be directed to a local pantry or you will be provided with an emergency package of groceries.